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PVP Maintenance

PVP Plumbing, the plumber executing plumbing maintenance works in the Douglas region since 1998.


Maintenance overview

PVP Plumbing founder and owner Paul Voerman has led his team of qualified and experienced tradespeople in the execution of plumbing maintenance works in the Douglas region since 1998. 

Reliability together with sound advice and quality workmanship have made PVP Plumbing a most revered plumbing service in the region.

Contact PVP Plumbing for a free no obligation guide to maintenance and/or repair for your plumbing needs.



Maintenance process

> scheduled
> routine
> emergency
> preventative
> programmed

Maintenance applications

> domestic
> commercial
> council
> government
> warranty

Maintenance pricing

PVP Plumbing offers a no obligation free pricing service for all potential maintenance work.



PVP Plumbing concrete cutting tool selection

PVP Plumbing workshop bench repair facility


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